What your implementation partner isn’t telling you

What your implementation partner isn’t telling you

Top 5 pains of companies that cooperate with Salesforce Partners

Lack of transparency

Do you sometimes feel misinformed about how much time your partner needs to implement certain features of the system? Do you think that the tasks you commissioned are taking too long or you simply can’t get any answers regarding their status or time of completion?

No schedule or vision of the project

Not knowing when you will be able to test the solution and start using it in everyday work makes it difficult for you to plan your actions. Some partners don’t treat the project holistically, and instead, focus on very specific functionalities which on their own don’t mean much.


If you can’t trust your partner with doing work on time, that’s a hint that something is wrong with this relationship. If he also fails to inform you that there might be delays in delivering functionalities on schedule, it’s high time to move on and look for another Managed Services company.

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will help you overcome challenges

Cloudity will provide you with post-implementation support at the highest level. Our Managed Services team, divided into specialized groups of consultants and developers, works primarily on support projects, but also on implementations. It all depends on the business needs of our clients.

With years of experience, we guarantee a high pace of work and fast delivery of results. Our specialists will also make sure that all changes and processes are carried out without harm to your Salesforce instance, and that no unauthorized changes will be made to it.


Open communication is key to effective cooperation. Some of our customers have struggled with poor communication with previous partners. With us, you will always know the status of the project, and you will be presented with a clear chart of expenses.


We devote time to fully understand your needs and business processes so that we know what is really important for you. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, we make sure your Salesforce platform helps your business grow!


We use our knowledge and experience to create the best possible solutions and always show you how the system will look like. We always ask you for feedback so the final product is tailored to your specific needs.


Here are some of the clients who entrusted us with the Support and Development of their Salesforce platform!

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