Fortnox integration package

Fortnox integration package


Fortnox integration is a pre-configured package, were you can customize each information flow to your business. Installation is set up and mapped directly from your Salesforce instance. 

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For Whom?

We’ve dedicated this product for  companies that in need to integrate the systems Fortnox business finance and Salesforce CRM by automating their processes.

Key benefits:

Reduce human errors - by having the systems in sync your data is always up to date

Spend less time on administrative work, and more time on your clients

360 degree view of your customers and partners, keep track on payments and deliveries

New to Fortnox ?


    Map objects 

->         Sync direction

->        Map fields

Select objects to map

to Fortnox objects. 

Chose if the information should be synced one-way or two-ways

Select fields to map to Fortnox fields

Timeline Set-up

First contact   Scoping and estimation  –  Set-up solution  –  Go-live

Sample Process

In COMPANY ABC collaboration between teams is easier, thanks to Salesforce - Fortnox integration. Now when the deal is won, records of Invoice/Order will be created in Fortnox. They are also able to add products information in Fortnox, which registers in Salesforce and vice versa. All of that minimise manual work and human-made errors.



Meet Kata, she works as an accountant and her primary tool is Fortnox. Normally she needs to keep Fortnox data updated to issue correct invoice for the client. Her team spend a lot of time entering, verifying and updating data. 


However in her company all the details about the deals and client information are stored in Salesforce. That’s why Kata decide to use package allowing the integration between 2 systems and facilitating data flow inside the organisation!




This is Mark, he is taking care of ongoing projects and manage them in Salesforce.


He received information, from Kata that one of their Client exceed the invoice payment date. He can find shipping details and invoice status from Fortnox in Salesforce. Having all information in one place, gives him broader perspective and enhance customer 360 view.


Set-up fee:  3000 SEK

Monthly fee:  Varies based on scoping and  project estimation


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