Procurement for Salesforce: Sales and Purchasing Collaboration


Procurement for Salesforce: Sales and Purchasing Collaboration

Cooperation between procurement and sales in organizations is often referred to as difficult. These two departments should work closely together for the good of the company, and yet misunderstandings and conflicts happen that prevent this. Meet Procurement for Salesforce – a Cloudity solution that will finally let your sales and purchasing departments cooperate as they should.


“As someone who has worked for many years in sales, but has recently focused on the procurement sector, I see many issues that are causing problems. Although sales and marketing are related, their goals do not fully coincide and, consequently, they also have different expectations towards the purchasing department” – says Nancy Clinton, author from Spend Matters UK / Europe.


Sales are driven solely by the imperative of trade and timing, customer pressure, and sales targets. Closing a contract requires a tremendous pace of work, high efficiency, and quick reactions. In fact, no other cell in the company works in this way. The very nature of the work is different – the methodical, careful, and slow actions of the purchasing team cause clashes with the more dynamic departments of the company.


The perspective of both parts of the organization is different (sales are interested in the performance of a contract here and now, and procurement is supposed to keep the organization functioning in the foreseeable future) – so it is often unable to respond to demand in a time that would satisfy rushing sellers.


Let’s cooperate with Procurement for Salesforce!

Cooperation on the sales – supply line is crucial in the case of extensive B2B services, supported by a complex supply chain (for example IT Outsourcing, extensive offers, or production under a specific order). A thorough understanding of each other’s needs is necessary to put all the elements of the offer together and ensure proper pricing, profit for the company, delivery times, and the correct quality of the delivered product.


Understanding your needs is essential

Direct contact is what can allow purchasing departments to better understand customer needs. Accelerating communication and information flow between teams are the basic methods of fighting conflicts at the interface between purchases and sales. Facing these challenges can become easier with Procurement for Salesforce. Thanks to this tool, the purchasing department is able to track sales plans on an ongoing basis, which helps in inventory planning. On the other hand, including procurement in Salesforce allows sales departments to view specifications and inventory, as well as supplier feedback and complaints.


The benefits of cooperation are mutual. Sales gain tools that make it easier to manage margins, analyze customer information, and even get involved in R&D. Purchasers, on the other hand, improve planning capabilities – production, ordering, and costing while shortening the supply chain.

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