Our Favorite CPQ Features From the Winter ’21 Release Notes

Do you remember your first mobile phone? It was basically designed to do the same things as the smartphone you owe now, ie. allow communication by calling and texting. But because of the upgrades in the mobile phone industry, you can do so much more with your current device. These upgrades were done step by step and feature by feature, making a seamless transition from your big and bulky Nokia Brick towards a tiny supercomputer you have now in your pocket. Similarly, changes are happening constantly in the business world and to keep up to date, Salesforce announces new features as often as three times a year. In this article, we decided to list our 3 favorite functions that will come into the Salesforce CPQ package this winter and help make your business more efficient and impactful than ever before! 

Sell More with Product Recommendations

Selling more is always a good option for your business and a way to achieve it is to give hints for your sales reps about products related to the ones that are already on the quote. Have a mobile phone on the quote? Why not suggest buying a compatible charger? Maybe a good suggestion would also be a headset compatible with that phone? There are many available options and brand new Salesforce CPQ Product Recommendations Plugin is a way not to miss any of them. To use it, a sales rep only needs to click one button on the Quote Line Editor and a Product Recommendation page will appear where they can add recommended products to the quote. Selling more has never been easier than that! 

Dynamically Control Quote Fields Shown in the Quote Line Editor

Have you ever wondered how to make your sales more efficient? First of all, save your sales reps’ time and provide them with tools that will only show them what they need. There is no point in having lots of unnecessary fields in the Quote Line Editor if you only use half of them. This is why the new Salesforce CPQ feature allows you to tailor the quote fields in the quote line editor dynamically and hide all information irrelevant to specific business units, products, or territories.

For example, if your Sales Team A only sells subscription products and Sales Team B only sells one-time products, now you can control your Quote Line Editor in such a way that only Team A will see subscription terms, start date, and all the other fields related only to subscription products. This way you can avoid confusion for Team B of having to scroll through fields they have no idea about.

Sell add-on products while preventing backdated amendments 

Sometimes your sales reps want to sell add-on products or subscriptions on amendment quotes. On the other hand, you don’t want to allow creating amendments with start dates before existing amendments’ start dates. There is no better way of killing these two birds with one stone than having a flexible solution such as Salesforce CPQ! The Winter ‘21 update combines both of these business needs and allows selling add-on products on Amendments while preventing backdated amendments from being saved. 

And there is more

To sum up, with the Winter ’21 Salesforce CPQ update you can show complementary products on quotes by using a new product recommendations plugin, show relevant fields on quotes, depending on specific business needs, and allow your sales reps to create add-ons on amendment quotes while being sure no backdated amendments with invalid start dates are saved. These are our favorite options we have chosen from the newest release notes. But there are many more new things to come! Interested? Check out this website and learn more!

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Article by Maria Bajena