Marketing Campaign Calendar Creation – 5 Things to Remember

The beginning of the year is a very intense time for every marketer. This is not only the moment when we set the goals that we want to achieve with marketing campaigns. Most importantly, we also decide how to spread our activities over time so that they bring the best effects. That being said, a well-considered marketing campaign calendar is a must!

It has long been known that simply sending ads and emails or publishing articles on blogs is not enough. Your actions should be properly timed and related to events or dates that are important to the consumer. Besides, if we’re dealing with seasonal business, we must think about what to do outside the peak moment to keep the client and encourage him to interact with our company.

In this article, we suggest what to focus on when preparing a marketing campaign calendar.

Important dates to put on your marketing campaign calendar

There are several commonly known dates on the calendar – holidays, national holidays, or other occasions such as Women’s Day or Mother’s Day. Even if you can’t offer clients anything specific during that period, you can always reach them with – for example – a series of tutorials on caring for the gear or equipment you’ve sold them not so long ago.

Or even simpler – send them wishes, and on that occasion give them a taste of what your company will have prepared by the time the holidays end. When creating a marketing campaign calendar, start with the most obvious holidays and days off and then move to those a little less popular. You can still find a niche, though. After all – who wouldn’t want to buy a small gift for their pet on International Cat Day?

Dates important to the (potential) customer

There are also several dates, which may be relevant to your client, even though they are not a day off or a holiday per se. The simplest example is Black Friday, which took the Polish market by storm and now many customers are waiting for seasonal sales. 

On the other hand, if your target group are high school students, you can reach them not only during vacation or holidays! The exam period can be a good reason to send them appropriate communication. And if you run a clothes shop that sells boho clothing, the times of major music festivals might make your customers want to buy something new. 

A Guns N’ Roses or Lenny Kravitz concert can remind customers of your music store and encourage them to buy a new pair of drumsticks or guitar strings – the options are endless! When planning your campaign, pay attention to your customer’s perspective – what dates are important for them and when is the best time to send them messages or offers.

marketing campaign calendar


Dates important to the company

National holidays and events happening in the country aren’t the only dates you should take into account. It is crucial to publicize events that help you attract new customers. At the beginning of the year, you should already know when business breakfasts, seminars, lectures or conferences will take place. At least with an accuracy of a quarter. Put these events on your marketing campaign calendar and start promoting them early enough. That way you will reach as many potential customers as possible. 

Do you take part in competitions or participate in rankings every year? Plan the best time to share your results early on! An important project is coming to an end? Maybe your customers would be interested in reading the case study? Mark the date of the expected publication in your calendar. Then check if it’s a good time to share your conclusions with the recipients. Are you finishing a project for a sports club? Maybe it’s best to share the case study right before the season starts?

But what if two important events are happening on the same day? In that case, you can spread your actions over time to devote enough attention to each of them. Instead of, for example, publishing two completely different posts within three hours.

Dates important to the employee

As you probably know, building an employer’s image is a very important element of your brand promotion. Employer branding content that shows “the life of the company” is very popular and it should be addressed to your potential employees – who wouldn’t like to work in a fast-paced yet friendly environment? You can predict – at least to some extent – what internal events that your company has scheduled for the year have the potential to catch your audience’s attention.

Do your employees regularly attend conferences, sporting events or support charities? Or maybe you are planning to employ several people this year or are thinking about opening a new office? Perhaps you are celebrating a special day, e.g. the anniversary of the longest-hired employee? Be sure to put such events on your marketing campaign calendar!  It’s a great way to show who you are and what people you work with. What’s more, it’s a great complement to sales campaigns as well as those focused on generating leads. It’s a good way to show that you are a good team that enjoys working together!

Dates important to you

As you see, even without a clearly defined marketing strategy, you can include many different events in your communication plan. The choice is yours – the most important thing is that you reach costumers on time and through appropriate channels. 

Do not try to publish content by force at every possible moment. Instead, adjust the dates and campaigns in such a way that the customer is interested, but not tired. Start with the most obvious dates, then go a step further and see when you can count on the greatest interest. At the end of the day, creating a marketing campaign calendar will prove to be a creative task that will give you new ideas to promote your content.

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Article by Justyna Bołtryk