Scale business easily, develop your franchise and attract franchisees – pt. 1

There are more and more large-format stores. The market share of discounts is increasing, and also small-format stores are becoming more professional. These factors have a significant impact on franchise owners. Competition never sleeps, product prices are very important, and many entrepreneurs are faced with a choice: start from scratch or join an existing franchise network. Let’s see what franchisors have to deal with.

Franchise owners and their problems

In this article, we will look at a few challenges that must be faced by people who want to develop their franchise and successfully attract new franchisees. We will present solutions from the Salesforce ecosystem that respond to these challenges. Thanks to Salesforce, you will automate and improve many business processes in the franchise industry.

We will show you how:

  • modern technologies help to establish business relations;
  • to onboard new franchisees;
  • to handle contracts and documents related to points of sale and cooperation with franchisees;
  • to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the franchise network.


B2B marketing – reach new franchisees effectively 

Getting high-quality leads is not easy. Salesforce, however, offers solutions that make it much easier to effectively reach valuable prospects. Pardot is a modern tool for automating B2B marketing activities. It is successfully used all over the world by companies from many industries. Thanks to Pardot, you can easily create landing pages, application forms, and mailings. You can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Thanks to the Engagement Studio module, Pardot will decide when and what to communicate to your individual recipients based on their activity. Do you want to get to know Pardot better? Click here!

New franchisees on board

With Salesforce technology, you can easily and efficiently introduce new users to the reality of your franchise business. Thanks to the visualization of the onboarding process, your service department will be able to keep track of the stages of implementing a new franchisee into the reality of your organization. The latter, in turn, will be automatically and constantly informed about the next steps in the onboarding process thanks to the mobile application. That way, you will quickly and efficiently implement new franchisees, and thus, both parties will start earning money on cooperation faster.

Don’t waste time! Automate processes with Salesforce

Using Salesforce technology, both you and the franchisee will save time. These tools can automatically set tasks or send notifications according to pre-set algorithms – this is convenient for both franchisees and service departments that support them. An additional benefit for both parties is the automatic generation of documents, e.g. contracts, which can then be authorized in the mobile application via e-signature.

Franchisees will certainly appreciate the great time savings thanks to automatic ordering via their profile in Salesforce or a dedicated mobile application. You, in turn, can easily schedule control visits for audit departments at individual points of sale. In addition, the system automatically sends satisfaction surveys – it enables the evaluation of the franchisee’s supervisor, the repair company, or the trainer.

Are you interested in the subject of the electronic signing of documents? Find out more here.

360-degree view of the franchisee

Would you like to know everything about your relationship with the franchisee? Thanks to Salesforce solutions, you have a full view of all your cooperation and technical matters related to a given point of sale. What exactly does that mean? In one place in the system, on the account assigned to a given franchisee, you have access to all documents that have been created during your cooperation. You also get an insight into the full history of the audits carried out. Moreover, you can easily manage fixed assets and partner outlets from within the Salesforce platform.

These are just a few advantages of the Salesforce platform for franchisors – the second part of the article will soon appear on our blog. You will learn how Salesforce supports communication between the franchise owner and the franchisee, and also – how technology facilitates training and reporting in the franchise industry.


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